Polearm weapons with:

  • Copper blades: for higher weapon critical chance
  • Pine wood handles: for higher weapon critical chance

Weapons Cost Cash Rate*
Halberd / Great Axe
* cash rate: $ per 100k gold


Halberd / Great Axe

Material: copper blade and pine wood

Material Amount Cost per item Cost
Copper Ore
Chunk of Coal
Pine Wood
Base cost
Gold Ore
Silver Ore
Improvement cost


Process Chance Value
Exceptional %
Enchantment 1st %
Enchantment 2nd %
Enchantment 3rd %
Enchantment 4th %
Masterworking 1st %
Masterworking 2nd %
Masterworking 3rd %
Masterworking 4th %


Combo Bonus Value
On Hit (OH) %
Weapon Critical Chance (WCC) %
All 3 exists: Exceptional, OH & WCC %


Ardoris Shop

Polearm Recipes